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It's here again! - All Bike Day 2023 Willowbank Raceway Qld - 24th June 2023

After having such a great experience at last years All Bike Day Willowbank Raceway event (Queensland), it has been a ridiculously long 12 months anticipating the upcoming 2023 All Bike Day event. 

This years event comes with an exciting twist for us. 

Although we had been looking forward to running the leaner, meaner and still just as unmistakably yellow #contactpatchhayabusa - our co-sponsorship of Clarkin Drag Racing has presented an undeniable opportunity.

The man himself, Jason Clarkin has offered yours truly to jump in the coveted saddle of his 2022 All Bike Day "Unlimited Modified Bike" Final winning; and Wayne Smith Memorial Trophy holding machine. 

Jason assures me I'm in for a wild ride. Let's hope a "few" extra kilos of rider in lieu of the usual talent is enough ballast to tame this 1441cc Suzuki Hayabusa missile and prove thy worthiness. Apparently just keeping the front wheel planted and rear wheel hooked up to the asphalt for the majority of the 1/4 mile is all that is required to acheive a 9.__sec pass. No pressure.

 Wish us luck! 

Hope to see you there. 


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