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Queensland Raceway Moto Ride Days

  • ENTER NOW! Contact Patch Performance Tyres - Queensland Raceway Moto Ride Day - 12th November, 2023

    Are you READY to join us?

    Improve your riding skills whilst having a ton of fun!

    We're super excited to get back on track for another Queensland Raceway - "Moto Ride Day"

    All experience levels welcome.

    First time? No problem, free rider coaching available for Red Group riders.

    ENTER NOW - 12th November 2023  for your chance to win a Contact Patch Performance Tyres $100 Gift Card on the day (*conditions apply). 

    * All entrants must advise Contact Patch Performance Tyres and Queensland Raceway upon entry/registration of taking part in this private group event.


  • Queensland Raceway Moto Ride Day (17-09-23)

    We've been back at it again recently at Queensland Raceway - Moto Ride Day. 
    A big Thankyou! to all new and old faces that attended with us.
    We had a Tonne of Fun! 
    With our "Big Bird" #ContactPatchHayabusa yet again shod in 
    This time managing to loosen the chains off her performance potential.
    As daunting as it was, seemingly throwing oneself to the lions by stepping up a level into Green group, unexpectedly turned out to be a positive move. 
    Although I was acutely aware of becoming a moving 🚧 sign to fellow riders, it was more so my own conscience getting in my way.
    Let's just say there were more bugs on the back of my helmet than on the front after the initial session.
    Following other riders lines, hitting apexes and gauging off their braking markers was a huge benefit whilst learning the intricacies of the new "Switchback" track layout.
    Red 2019 Hayabusa at max lean angle riders knee down
    By session three, pace was able to be maintained with most riders for the duration of the session.
    By the end of session six, I had finally managed to put a few overtaking moves in the bag.
    With stock suspension setup (to suit rider weight), the only changes on the day were;
    • Tyre pressure adjustments. Anticipated cold pressures were adjusted prior to the first session. In-lap hot pressures were recorded after each session, wear patterns examined and only minuscule pressure adjustments were made accordingly.   
    • One turn of added preload up front. As confidence and pace increased, so did fork travel under brakes (close to bottoming out).
    This being our second full trackday running the one set of Metzeler Racetec TD Slicks (without tyre warmers), albeit the previous trackday the track was damp in the first few sessions on the faster, big brakes "National" V8 Supercar Circuit. Following a thin, dry line denied the ability to push as hard as they demand to reach a suitable operating temperature. 
    Metzeler Racetec TD Slick FrontMetzeler Racetec TD Slick Rear
    We expect to see a third full trackday out of this set of Metzeler Racetec TD Slicks.
    So... are Metzeler Racetec TD Slicks suitable as a trackday tyre for the beginner to intermediate trackday punter?
    Absolutely 100% 👍
    With a spare set of rims and, or the ability to change your tyres yourself (only if competent, you be the judge) Metzeler Racetec TD Slicks are a cost effective alternative to running expensive road tyres, unless of course, you are unable to trailer your motorcycle to the track. 
    Contact Patch Performance Tyres Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer Toy Hauler
    Combined with the Metzeler Racetec TD Slicks, this bike has so much more to give in terms of performance and handling. If only the skill level of her rider was as easy to improve. My optimism remains, that will only come with seat time. 
    I guess we had better get back out there again soon... WHO'S COMING? 🙏